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Corporate Hospitality

Portugal an ideal destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions):
The most adequate friendly climate, a high sense of hospitality and service as well as fine meetings, conferences and exhibitions infrastructure have shaped Lisbon & the Estoril coast  as one of most thriving destinations for business tourism. With such strong assets, Portugal has become a well established top destination in the world for companies organizing overseas events and incentive travels.
Sport & Business: the values of sport as companies’ development tool! 

Plan your work and work your plan.”  Vince Lombardi famous American Football coach.

At WE SE7 IT, we believe there is a wide range of positive experiences where corporate businesses will gain importing some principles or partnering with Sport. Analogies are numerous and a lot of values taught by sport are core skills essential for the workplace today, such as collective play, leadership, preparation, persistence, adaptability and above all, the “wining & fighting spirit” to cultivate!

It has been long proved that sport will always be a huge vehicle whether you want to:
  • Communicate
  • Entertain
  • Innovate
  • Higher the levels of motivation of your team
What do we do:
We organize Meetings, Team Buildings, Conferences, Events and Sport Events for Companies in whole Portugal with an emphasis on the Lisbon / Estoril Coast. We assist on venue location & venue selection, we create the event planning, we arrange all supplier liaison and transportation and we manage the whole event (attendees and implementation).
We are brimming with ideas and our specialty is offering a truly personalized service that combines fun with professionalism, to ensure a successful event regardless of your budget. 
We are your future Game Partner!
Our deep knowledge of the local scene, our experience in building corporate events, our creativity will deliver to your business a highly profitable experience and to the attendee a surprising and unforgettable time!
For more details about our programs and incentives options for corporate, please go to the following pages:
Hospitality (read more)
Share the excitement of competition, dig into a world a passion and enthusiasm, captivate the attention of your customers or employees with the thrill of a major sport event : There is no better way to give emotions & impressions that will last for months ! Our event calendar and corporate Hospitality packages will provide you unique opportunities to boost your business impact…
Team Building (read more)
All round the world, top managers adopt team-building exercises and events to ensure that co-workers have the skills needed to function well in a group dynamic: Discover our offers of preset team building even or fully Taylor made creations that will help bond, challenge and bring smile on the face of all your team members! : Schooner Pirate fun, A Day at the Farm, Your Own Business Hot Regatta & Wonders Bicycle tours! ….
Meetings & Conferences (read more)
What do the worldwide top companies do to get their teams motivated? The answer is: They regularly hire some of the top motivational speakers! These professionals are able to deliver powerful messages that will help enhance the performance of a business.  But great meetings and conferences requires great planning, a touch of understanding and professional expertise that WE SET IT is looking forward to deliver.
When economic times are tough, companies are tempted to reduce their budget dedicated to corporate events to face new priorities. It could be a major mistake as corporate events are a brilliant way to enhance profitability, to strengthen relationships with customers, to promote your services and trigger enthusiasm for your company. We build corporate events that help showcase your business in style and deliver your message in a unique setting.